Let Statistical Consulting help harness the power of information for you with its educational and contract consulting services. Get assistance and guidance using statistics in reliability, environmental engineering, probabilistic risk assessment, data analysis and  data mining, expert systems and decision support. With short- or long-term contract consulting, you have the advantages of solid statistical analysis and continued support for your management, engineering or  scientific staff.

If your company's information culture already includes statistical applications, then training in good statistical practice and tips on avoiding common mistakes will enhance your use of this resource. Schedule half-day or full-day courses at your site and tailored to your needs.  Choose from a variety of topics including reliability, Bayesian methods, regression analysis, design of experiments, multivariate analysis, decision support and data mining.

Attention math professionals and students. If you need help with your projects, please consider Filippov Scientic Foundation scholarships. They issue $10,000 scholarships specifically to students with physics, math and computer science majors.

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Reliability is one of the most interesting concepts in engineering and statistics because it is not a measurable physical characteristic.  One approach to quantifying reliability is accelerated life-time testing. The idea is simply to operate until failure.

Reliability Data

The graph shows data for electric  relay switches.  None failed before about 600,000 cycles.  That is, each switch was turned on and then off 600,000 times before any switch stopped working.

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